Internet Blows Up After Snoop Dogg’s Nephew Threatens Melania With Something VILE

Earlier this week, rapper Snoop Dogg made headlines for his controversial music video. In the video, Snoop Dogg depicts shooting President Trump and claims it is an artistic expression. Of course, this caused instant internet outrage, but instead of Snoop Dogg apologizing his minions are making excuses for him. Enter Snoop’s nephew, Lil’ Bow Wow who has said something so despicable that it should send him to the dog pound.

This tweet is so offensive that I cannot even begin to express my outrage. If you have not seen this be prepared to have you blood raise 100 points.

Yep, this little crap stain had the audacity to threaten First Lady Melania Trump with being pimped out. It is apparent that violence runs deep within this family of animals.

Of course, the Trump supporters are not taking this lying down and jumped to Melania’s defense.

I am glad to see so many Trump supporters taking a stand against this attack, but of course, liberals didn’t. Instead, feminists are defending Lil’ Bow Wow’s comments to Melania Trump.Check this out.

Check this out.

Oh, wait did someone just go against their own code? See, this is exactly how liberals are and I am not surprised. They only defend those who are in their party, but if someone is out of there well, they are fair game. Whether or not Melania was a nude model in the past is not an issue.

First off, what Melania did in her past is not who she is now. She is the First Lady of the country and deserves to be treated with respect whether you agree with President Trump or not.

I am so sick of the double standard by these liberal trolls. Could you imagine the outrage if this was said about Micelle Obama? There would be riots in the streets for days. Oh, but this is a white woman so it is perfectly acceptable to say this.

I just hope that karma finds this piece of trash soon and teaches him a lesson.

H/T [ America’s Freedom Fighters ]