Does John McCain Deserve Brain Cancer? Many Believe So After His SICK Treason Against Our Country Was Just Revealed

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer. The revelation came about after the mainstream media reported that Senator McCain had a routine physical which uncovered a blood clot above his left eye. However, as the mainstream media predictably do, they lied. In actuality, Senator McCain had what is called intracranial hematoma, which doctors subsequently removed. In other words, he had brain surgery. This brain surgery led to the discovery of brain cancer. Dr. Milton Wolf stated to The Gateway Pundit, “The mainstream media is covering for McCain or they’re just completely clueless. Or both. He had brain surgery for a 5 cm intracranial hematoma. That’s a big deal. Can be life ending. Media is buying his statement that it was from a routine annual physical —brain surgery?!— and they’re saying it was “above the left eye” rather than saying brain. Clintonesque.” Senator McCain’s condition is very serious and is potentially life ending, although the mainstream media hasn’t exactly reported this.

Upon the announcement of the news that Senator McCain had this surgery and diagnosis of brain cancer, there were a lot of folks whose reactions were less than sympathetic. But why? Well, Senator McCain has not exactly led a scrupulous career in the United States Senate and fulfilling his oath of office to defend Americans against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The result of this dereliction has led to the deaths of many people in the Middle East, and even our own U.S. Service members and veterans.

Senator McCain created a relationship with so called moderate Syrian rebel forces, in an effort to remove Bashar Al-Assad from power. This relationship-building which involved secret meetings in Syria also led to Senator McCain meeting with ISIS. Here is a photo to prove it, which was used by ISIS as propaganda.

In this image Senator McCain is posing with General Salim Idris, and to the far left is Khalid al-Hamad, the guy who ate the heart of a Shiite victim of ISIS in Syria. The problem with these secret meetings, photos, and Senator McCain’s advocacy for providing these lunatics with taxpayer funded weapons is it would seem to indicate Senator McCain has violated 18 U.S.C. 2339B, which prohibits “providing material support or resources” to an organization deemed a terrorist organization by the Secretary of State.

Then there is Senator McCain’s horrible record with supporting veterans. Veteran’s groups such as the Disabled American Veterans and the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America respectively rated Senator McCain’s record as poor when it comes to helping veterans with PTSD and TBI treatment. And in stark contrast with Senator McCain providing ISIS and Syrian rebels with weapons, he voted against increased spending for veteran health care and for service members to have additional body armor. So he provides weapons to the enemy, which are used against our U.S. Service members, and he won’t spend the cash to protect said service members. If you don’t believe me, check out Brandon Friedman’s blog post, from the Huffington Post from 2008. He does a rather comprehensive job of listing Senator McCain’s poor record with veterans. Sure, it’s the HuffPo, a notoriously liberal publication, but with this, they are spot on.

Senator McCain was a POW in Vietnam, so you’d expect him of all people would never give terrorist organizations weapons, and he would raise hell at the VA to ensure our veterans were taken care of. Yet, he was nowhere to be found when the VA, under the Obama Administration, was effectively killing veterans, by putting them on waiting lists for cancer treatment of all things. Senator McCain will be afforded the best possible treatment, going to the Mayo Clinic, and all sorts of other specialists, and it’s doubtful he will be on any waiting lists. A more appropriate course of action would be for Senator McCain to get his treatment at the VA. Hopefully, Senator McCain will use this cancer diagnosis as a “come to Jesus” moment but sadly, it is unlikely.

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