Just 1 Week After Nike Debuts ‘Pro Hijab’ For Muslim Women, CEO Arrives At Work To HORRIFYING News

Last week, we told you all how Nike was launching a new line of Hijabs’ for the Muslim athlete. Whoever thought of this really didn’t think it through or how it would be accepted. Of course, everyone who had an ounce of common sense became outraged over this new line. However, I don’t think Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike realized how outraged people would be, but now he knows.

Like I said last week, I am all for businesses to thrive, but this is insane. How can a worldwide corporation advocate attire that actually subjugates women? Anyone with a functioning brain cell knows that the religion of Islam is really not about freedom. The Hijab is a symbol oppression for these women in this culture, and Nike wants to make money off it.

Well, they might not make that much money off of this item now.

After Nike announced this new line, conservatives decided to make their voices known and it was epic. Social media became the battleground and the backlash was fierce for this disgusting product.

Here is just a sampling of the backlash.



Why would a company even make this product? Everyone knows that this religion and this culture is far from being woman friendly. Also, what makes this even more aggravating is that this solely based on political correctness. Athletes have been banned from wearing the hijab in sporting events. It was not until recently, that professional competition started lifting these regulations. In fact, up until 2014, FIFA didn’t allow athletes to compete with a hijab on. So, we know this all about appeasing the left and their belief that Islam is a “peaceful” and “tolerant” religion.

Well, we all know the truth and so does our President Trump. If Nike wants to make this horrible item that is a symbol of oppression they can. However, that does not mean any of us have to shop there. Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike is learning a harsh lesson now, and if he were wise, he would pull this product pronto.

H/T [ Conservative Fighters ]