JUST IN: Congress Just Stuck It To Obama’s Shadow Government And His Mafia

The Obama Mafia is about to take a very hard blow straight to the gut and it is about time! Congress is slamming many with subpoenas into the Russian Probe investigation and the left is going to be in for many surprises. We all know exactly where it will end and the ‘shadow government’ will be held responsible finally for exactly what they have tried to do.

The undermining of the governmental system, the creating of a shadow government, the illegal wiretapping of the Trump campaign all adds up to severe charges that I pray get laid on the heads of everyone in Obama’s pockets. America is better than that. We have been made the laughing stock of the world by the Obama Mafia and it’s coming around full circle.

Via The Angry Patriot Movement:

According to the Wall Street Journal, Congress is now putting a full investigation forward to find out who all was involved with the “unmasking” of President Trump and his associates during the transition. Congress is taking this case SERIOUSLY. Obama and his cronies, like Susan Rice, better run for cover. Three subpoenas have been issued so far, and we are expecting to see more. It is a sad attempt at a setup. Susan Rice, Obama, and the rest of their friends went out of their way to get information from President Trump and his associates via wiretapping. Susan Rice ILLEGALLY leaked information to the press, causing havoc and distrust in our system.

Once Congress is done with their investigation into Obama and his cronies, we will get these people OUT of here so that we can continue to make America great again. We NEEDED A representative like Trump to help get these criminals out of here.  We are sick and tired of the “shadow government” targeting conservatives simply because they don’t like them.

It is foolish, childlike behavior, and we are done dealing with it. The amazing part of this investigation is that there is ALREADY clear evidence. We have witnessed Susan Rice lie on TV multiple times about what she knew. We are aware that the Obama administration was wiretapping Trump. It is all VERY obvious. We have a feeling that by the time Trump and Congress are done, there are going to be quite a few people without jobs and possibly several in prison. These folks may want to start filing for unemployment and finding a good lawyer now. Their cushy ride is about to come to a screeching halt. We cannot wait to see it happen.

Trump will MAGA but only with the help of the American people. There are still enough of us Patriots to spin this country right back to where it should have always been if we just stand and fight back.

How do you feel about Congress’s new found work ethic? Let us know in the comments! God Bless America and the original values we were founded on!