Just In: President Trump Opens Up BOMBSHELL Investigation Into Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s days are numbered. For years we have seen Hillary destroy countless lives in her quest to become the first female President. and unfortunately for Clinton, her actions seem to be finally catching up to her and it couldn’t happen to a better person. Thanks to Trump and his promises to clean out the swamp, investigations have been going on at all levels of government and it looks like the State Department is finally looking at Hillary and her careless handling of classified information among other things. This could eventually lead to her banishment from all areas of government but for the time being, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

According to FOX News, the State Department is currently looking into whether or not Clinton, the former Secretary of State, and her aides were careless with Top Secret classified information. You would think that considering the circumstances she would be locked out of all of the government networks, that is not the case — at least not yet.

The findings of the State Department are going to determine what happens next. If they find that Clinton and her criminal buddies were violating protocol and being completely careless with the sensitive information, which we know they ALL were, Clinton & Co. will get their permissions revoked.

We do not know exactly when the inquiry started, but you better believe they are going to find out that Clinton was negligent. The State Department is not the only group looking to get to the bottom of the Clinton scandal. Judicial Watch, a government watchdog organization, is in the process of filing MULTIPLE lawsuits addressing Clinton’s carelessness.

Judicial Watch claims that Clinton and her criminal buddies should have NO access to government information. We COULD NOT agree more.

Chris Farrell, one of the watchdogs of the organization, stated that Hillary needs to be prosecuted for her behavior. Farrell cited the Mishandling National Defense Information Law as his basis.

It states that if ANY government employee is found to mishandle Top Secret information they need to be prosecuted and face a LONG prison sentence and face enormous fines for their carelessness.

We ALL know that Hillary abused her power and manipulated information. It is strange that it is being referred to as a “may have” situation. We read the emails. Hillary and her friends tantamount to ADMITTED to being busted. Everything is on the table. She needs to go to prison NOW.

Taking away her Top Secret clearance is a good start. By the time all is said and done we need to see her arrested. She betrayed the United States and the Patriots of this country in the worst way possible. When the State Department’s findings come back, and Judicial Watch moves forward with their lawsuits, we are going to be in business and Hillary will finally pay for her crimes.

Hillary’s takedown has been a long time coming and while we don’t know the end result we can only hope that justice is served for the numerous victims she has left in her wake. Hillary Clinton is the very definition of evil and it’s high time she answers for her crimes. We all know about the emails and we know she is directly responsible along with Obama for the disaster that was Benghazi. She is ruthless and must be stopped at all costs. What do you think? Will she finally answer to her crimes or once again get away with murder?

H/T Angry Patriot Movement