JUST IN: Update On Colin Kaepernick Signing With A New Team This Season

Our favorite sniveling America hater Colin Kaepernick’ is back in the news again. You remember Kaepernick, right? The privileged football player who decided to kneel down during the National Anthem to make a point. No one is too sure what that point was, but Kaepernick said it was to draw attention to the mistreatment of black people. Well, soon after his misguided political stunt, the mediocre quarterback for the San Francisco 49’ers was not extended another contract.

At first, Kaepernick remained hopeful that he would be signed soon, but days turned into weeks and weeks have turned into months. So months after being unemployed there is an update of his status and it will be a huge shock.

Kaepernick still remains gainfully unemployed.

According to Hot Air:

Despite his long-running battle with the league over his demonstrations of protest before kickoff time, refusing to stand respectfully for the National Anthem, it had been widely assumed that he might land a job somewhere. So what gives? At the Washington Post, Kevin B. Blackistone assures us that the league has secretly decided to ‘blackball’ Kaepernick because of his bold stand in support of social justice or something.

Oh, so now Kaepernick is a victim? I don’t think so buddy and here is why. Kaepernick took his career chances in his hands when he refused to stand for the National Anthem. Now, while he may want to protest whatever social justice issue that is trendy that week the fans do not care.

The only job that Kaepernick has is to show up on the field, throw a ball, and win some games. No one cares about his thoughts on the black community during work hours and rightfully so. If he has an issue that he wants to talk about then he can do that all he wants on his days off.

The other reason that Kaepernick may not be signed with another team is that maybe he truly sucks as a quarterback. I mean did anyone think of that possibility? Or, is it easier for these social justice warriors to make this glue sniffer a victim?

I will let you answer that one.

In Hot Air, they logged his stats:

As quarterbacks go, his more recent performance was somewhere between dismal and mediocre. He had a less than 60% completion rate and was in the bottom third of the league for yards per pass. His passer rating was easily thirty points below the guys who made it to the final dance. But even for all that, he wasn’t that bad. Even the bottom quarter of ranked NFL passers are still light years ahead of the hundreds of hopefuls coming out of college every year. So at least one part of Blackistone’s theory is true. His antics definitely affected the outcome, but that’s because we’re talking about a sliding scale here. Allow me to offer a quick rule of thumb when it comes to profession sports as perceived by one of the fans:

The amount of embarrassment your team is willing to put up with is directly proportional to your measured value in terms of how likely you are to get them into the Superbowl.

So, the moral of the story is simple. If you disrespect your country and those who fought for it, you better be good at your damn job. If not you will be flipping burgers for a living and eventually a cautionary tale for others.