Liberals Announce Support Of Sadistic Way To PHYSICALLY TORTURE White Males Just For The Color Of Their Skin

It has been recently been reported that Otto Warmbier, the American college student detained and jailed in North Korea for stealing a banner from a hotel, has died, due to a significant loss of brain tissue. No doubt the cause of this was torture at the hands of the North Korean Government.

For me, I’ve got mixed feelings on this issue. On one hand, what in the hell possessed this kid to even go to North Korea, and then to steal something from a hotel, in a country where it is common knowledge that Americans are hated? On the other hand, why in the hell did the Obama Administration tell Otto Warmbiers’ parents to keep quiet? Was it because Otto and his parents are white or, was it because Obama is a hateful little sissy man who was afraid of making North Korea angry. Maybe it was a bit of both. And, why does the United States Government continue to tolerate this crap, from a country hell bent on destroying the world and everything it touches. North Korea needs to suffer severe consequences for this along with any country that provides material support to them.

But this incident and the events the following highlight the liberal media’s disdain and hatred for white males. Writers such as La Sha from The Huffington Post and Larry Wilmore from Comedy Central made fun of Otto Warmbier, his parents, and even sunk so low as to make fun of the kids’ last name. Normally, I would include citations of this for journalistic integrity but I do not want to give jerk offs like Larry Wilmore and a so-called journalist like La Sha from the Huffington Post any recognition or credit. If you don’t believe me, how disgusting they acted, and the racism they displayed, go and Google it and you’ll see what I mean. Had Otto and his family been anything other than white, he likely would be alive, and you would not have seen the disgusting vitriol coming from rags such as the Huffington Post, or demented ass hats like Larry Wilmore. Apparently, if you are African American and make fun of white people this is ok.

As conservatives, we need to stand up and fight back against these racist, narcissistic, liberal lunatics who feel it is acceptable to get some sort of retribution. That somehow the racism, which occurred during the 1960’s and before, can be corrected by openly practicing racism against white people. Especially white males. Racism is racism and it does not matter where it comes from.

When you make a judgment or act based on the color of someone’s skin, you are a racist. Trying to explain this to a liberal makes about as much sense as banging your head against a wall. This is precisely why conservatives need to hold Universities, journalists, and a corporation accountable when they decide it’s acceptable to practice racism, under the guise of “cultural diversity”.


Source: The Huffington Post