Liberals HORRIFIED After Trump Gives Sheriff Clarke a Job On His Team

On Thursday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., who has been a significant supporter of President Donald Trump, resigned his position as Sheriff. Sheriff Clarke, known for his tough talk and action abruptly resigned his position offering little explanation for his departure. The mainstream media were reporting that Sheriff Clarke’s resignation was due to allegations of inmates being mistreated in his jails.

Since 2002, Sheriff Clarke served Milwaukee County, and many expected that he would retire from this position. After he had announced his resignation, Sheriff Clarke stated on Twitter, “After nearly 40 years serving my community I’m retiring. What a ride! I will announce my future plans next week after the Labor Day holiday”.

Liberals went into panic mode upon this announcement speculating that Sheriff Clarke would take a job with the Trump Administration. However, the tough-as-nails Sheriff has taken a job with America First Action, a primary super PAC intent on supporting President Trump. Prior to this appointment with America First Action, it was rumored that Sheriff Clarke would take a position with the Department of Homeland Security, but he withdrew his name from consideration for this appointment with DHS.

Sherriff Clarke adds to an already powerful team at America First Action which was formed to help President Trump fight the mainstream media fake news, ANTIFA, and Black Lives Matter propaganda. Daniel Bice from USA Today reported yesterday, “Clarke, sometimes dubbed “America’s sheriff,” is scheduled to talk about his future during conservative commentator Sean Hannity’s Fox News show on Tuesday night. The former fourth-term sheriff has become a regular on the show over the past year. “I will help make sure we elect the candidates who will do what they promise in support of President Trump’s agenda,” Clarke said in a statement. “Just as important, I will see to it that the will of the American people is not derailed by the left or the self-serving Washington establishment.”

The last sentence of Sherriff Clarke’s statement is telling in that President Trump and his advisers understand that there is a constant threat from the left to circumvent a democratically elected President. The left and the political establishment in Washington D.C. still can’t reconcile with the fact that a majority of Americans chose a real leader in lieu of a criminal under FBI investigation. Very astutely, America Action First’s mission statement reads, “President Trump continues to face fanatical Democrat opposition across the board — from Congress, from left-wing voter groups financed by the likes of Barack Obama and George Soros, from Obama holdovers with the government, and others. He is being confronted with obstructionism within the Republican Party that defies conventional logic — from the Establishment GOP (RINOs or GOPe) and from the right wing of the Party (Freedom Caucus, some Tea Party groups, Libertarians like Rand Paul, and the NeverTrumpers like McCain, Graham, Sasse, et al.  And, of course, the liberal mainstream media acts on its own behalf, and as a unified mouthpiece for the Trump opposition.”

America Action First has also published their action plan, which can be downloaded here in PDF format. Going through this action plan, it is easy to understand why President Trump’s enemies are in a panic due to Sheriff Clarke joining AAF. Simply put, AAF puts America and Americans first just as President Trump does. This is counter to what liberals and Democrats believe as is evident by their recent crying over President Trump rescinding DACA.

Omer Causey, who is an attorney from North Carolina, previously practicing law in the field of corporate and government law, is leading AAF. Mr. Causey has also brought onboard Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s former campaign manager. Mr. Lewandowski was falsely accused of assaulting a liberal reporter and was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

President Trump’s enemies have made it very clear that there is no intention on their part to tone down the violence or disgusting language they use, hence why President Trump’s allies formed AAF. With the 2018 elections almost upon us, it is likely that we will see more activity and high profile appointments from AAF. The formation of this very influential PAC is the first serious weapon Trump supporters have taken to fight the left and the political establishment.

H/T [USA Today, America Action First]



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