Libs Want You To Feel Sorry For These ISIS Fighters After This 1 ‘Heartbreaking’ Image Goes Viral. Do You Care?

ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq have begun to deteriorate as Iraqi and pro-U.S. forces in Syria continue to obliterate ISIS infrastructure, along with killing a large amount of ISIS fighters. As ISIS strongholds fall, the stories of the cruel torture they forced upon people opposed to them are starting to surface. Rape and murder were daily occurrences, but this was just scratching the service of the sick things ISIS fighters did while they were in control. There are gruesome stories of ISIS fighters capturing women, starving them, and using them as sex slaves. In one instance, ISIS fighters told one starving woman the meat she was eating was that of her infant child.

Iraqi forces have been particularly brutal with ISIS fighters killing them in most cases before these terrorists even make it to a jail cell. Officially, the Iraqi government is all about law, order, and prosecuting ISIS fighters in court. Unofficially, Iraqi government officials would just as soon have these ISIS fighters summarily executed, which the later seems to be the case.

In a video which is going viral, men dressed in Iraqi Army uniforms are seen taunting an ISIS fighter, leading him to a cliff, throwing him off, and then shooting him to make sure he is dead. The video, which can be seen below is graphic, so viewer discretion is advised. The irony behind the way this ISIS fighter is executed is interesting, considering that ISIS is known for killing homosexuals by throwing them off rooftops. BBC has reported that Iraqi government officials believe the incident occurred in Mosul, and if the video is legitimate, the Iraqi government has promised to hold the soldiers accountable. However, it is more likely that behind closed doors, these soldiers will be congratulated for their actions.

Naturally, liberals and human rights groups who have failed to challenge ISIS are now crying about the contents of the above video, as well as additional reports that other Iraqi soldiers have even been decapitating ISIS fighters. One man in particular, Falah Aziz, has publicly proclaimed to have beheaded or summarily executed at least 50 ISIS fighters.

The Trump Administration and Pentagon officials have not commented on reports of Iraqi and pro U.S. forces torturing and executing ISIS fighters.

Many on the left are showing sympathy to these ISIS fighters, claiming that they are innocent until proven guilty, however, forgetting that these same ISIS fighters did not afford the same courtesy to the people they killed, the women they raped, and the countless others who were tortured and sold into slavery.

For three horrible years, ISIS controlled the cities of Mosul and Raqqa, torturing, raping, and brutally installing their grand plan of establishing a caliphate in the Middle East. However, the combination of U.S. air strikes and superior fighters on the ground have turned the table on ISIS, and many feel ISIS is getting what they deserve.

In the face of defeat, ISIS in some respects has increased the level with which they inflict their terror by doing unspeakable things to Iraqis and Syrians who are attempting to escape the carnage that ISIS carries out, while at the same time avoiding U.S. led airstrikes.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is thrilled that Mosul is liberated and Iraqi civilians living under the scourge of ISIS are free. The Iraqi PM has not been directly questioned about reports of his soldiers’ summarily executing and torturing ISIS fighters, which lends credence to the argument that his office could care less what Iraqi soldiers do with these ISIS fighters.

The liberal media in the United States has continued to show benevolence to these ISIS fighters claiming the torture and executions they have been subjected to are not fair. Maybe they are not, but the liberal media in the United States also did not live under the threat of rape, being sold into slavery, or beheaded.

Should the Iraqi soldiers in the aforementioned video be held accountable for their actions, it will be interesting to see what punishment, if any, they are subjected to. Like it or not, the Iraqi PM still needs to keep up appearances that he is running a democracy, while also understanding that a U.S. ally can’t be seen openly violating the Geneva Convention.

H/T [The Daily Mail Online]


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