Marco Rubio Has Just Declared War On Christianity In Latest Hate Crime Bill–This Must Be Stopped

While most of America slept the War on Christianity was ramped up by members of our own Government via a pretty package with a bow in the form of a new law that will supposedly target hate crime. Now, am all for the deleting of hate-crimes but that should include the hate crimes being perpetrated against whites, and Christians as well. Oddly enough no one of the quoted reasons for this new policy that was signed in the middle of the night, nor any of the outlined policy issues seem to cover those two things. It spews the love will lead the way rhetoric about minorities and religions but when pulled apart vis the reasons for the new policy it only seems to focus on crimes of hate against blacks, Muslims, Jewish people, and so forth.

Not once is Christianity mentioned, yet we are literally sitting in the midst of a war on Christianity aimed at public status, personal beliefs based on our religion.

It is a bit ironic that in all the stated cases and years of “hate crimes” they lament to make their case they do not even once mention hate crimes on the rise against Christians or whites. If we are to make laws like this it should cover all across the board. That being said I noticed that this new policy is very similar to the one Canada implemented to prosecute anyone saying anything remotely “islamophobic.”

Basically, these so-called “hate crime” laws are being put out there in the guise of protecting people’s freedoms yet the reality is that they are a commie based push to silence Christians around the world. It is very easy to read between the lines actually.

According to Marco Rubio’s press release:

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Kamala Harris (D-CA), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) yesterday introduced a bipartisan resolution condemning hate crimes, discrimination, and other forms of animus targeting individuals and communities across the United States. The Senate passed the resolution unanimously last night. The resolution cites violent incidents targeting Jewish, Muslim, African-American, Hindu, and Sikh communities.

It also mentions the vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, bomb threats against Jewish community centers, and burning of mosques and Islamic centers. The resolution calls on federal law enforcement, working with state and local officials, to investigate all credible reports of these occurrences in the United States, hold perpetrators accountable, and bring them to justice.

We need to protest and demand that they change these policies and further detail what a hate crime is and that it needs to cover crimes against Christians. We can not go quietly on this one or our religion will be deleted from the ‘freedom of religion’ amendment as well as the public. We are being deleted slowly and it is time to stand as Christians and fight!!

Please share this and help us spread the awareness of the violation of our rights in America. I will not sit down while my faith is on the chopping block in favor for a communistic existence!

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