Mattis Deploys Military On BADASS Mission That’s NEVER Been Done and America’s Enemies Are Sh*tting Their Pants!

For the past 8 years, Barack Obama tried his damnedest to weaken America on every front imaginable. He weakened our military by taking us back to pre-world war II capabilities, while continually strengthening our enemies. One way that Obama chopped the balls of our national defense was by putting a stop to our space program, by telling NASA that their job was to “make Muslims feel good about themselves.”

But now with Donald Trump and General Mattis at the helm, we have leaders who are hell-bent on bringing America back to its rightful place as the world’s superpower, and what they just announced about our military will leave you cheering.

America suffered greatly under the previous administration’s policies and the burden of being politically correct. Under Obama’s presidency, the country took steps backward in many areas which include space exploration and technology. Now after many years of being left on the back burner America is back in the space race.

President Trump and General Mattis are wise and realize that our satellites must be protected. They also know that we must surge forward in technological advancements before our enemies can beat us to the punch.

U.S. Strategic Command Head General John Hyten has said that the United States must be prepared to deal with Chinese aggression in space. According to Hyten, he says that America’s satellites are currently vulnerable to Chinese weapons and that must be rectified quickly.

You see under Obama’s administration China’s space program was able to make tremendous leaps, and now we have to catch up. Hyten wrote in a paper this past July, “Despite world interest in avoiding militarization of space, potential adversaries have identified the use of space as an advantage for U.S. military forces, and are actively fielding systems to deny our use of space in a conflict,”

Hyten then added, “Securing our right to use space is simply an extension of an age-old principle to guarantee use of global commons,”

Well, Trump understands all of this and is ready to ramp up the space program once again, and Mattis is fully onboard. Now that we actually have real leaders again in the White House, America can assume her rightful place at the top of the pack and once again. It is time, we regain our superpower status and strive forward with excellence once again.

H/T [Conservative Daily Post ]