Maxine Waters Just Threatened Ben Carson Then Immediately Leads Crowd In Vile Chant

Maxine Waters has shown us that she is definitely not fit for office many times, but when you outright threaten to “take apart” a witness for the Special Financial Committee that she just so happens to be one of the top Democratic seats for, well it’s time she goes. I mean at this point are we even sure Mad Max knows what country she actually lives in? This geriatric monster of a woman has been recorded numerous time spewing violent and hateful garbage at anyone who even remotely disagrees with her. 

And, now it appears that Maxine Waters is at it again and this time it wasn’t President Trump she attacked. Waters took aim at HUD Secretary Ben Carson with violent rhetoric in a California town hall meeting.

According to Free Beacon:

At the town hall in Gardena, Calif., Waters said that Carson should go back to his former profession of being a surgeon, the Los Angeles Times reports. Waters also told the crowd that the next time Carson went before the House Financial Services Committee, she would “take him apart.” Waters is the top Democrat on that committee.

Don’t Democrats know how to cut out the violent rhetoric?  Enough already, they need an intervention and psychological counseling.  Now it is no doubt improper to threaten a witness who would appear before the Committee.  And she’s the top Democrat on the Committee so she should know better.  But she’s blinded by trying to appeal to her millennial fans.  Waters has herself faced protesters of late at her town halls, calling for her impeachment.  Indeed, at this one there was a woman in the crowd holding a sign, “Impeach Mad Max.”

Other protesters were outside, chanting against Waters and shouting, “Let us in!”  The police were only letting in people from the district and some of complained they were from the district but weren’t able to enter.  Sounds like some are finally trying to call Auntie Maxine out on her failures.  She has been one of the most hostile members of Congress toward the Trump administration. She really needs to dial down the violent rhetoric…

This is why term limits are important people! Waters has been in politics for so long that her brain is fried permanently and she needs to be sent to a nursing facility. Her own constituents can not even stomach her anymore and she is completely and absolutely insane.

It is time to start forcing these career lunatics to retire or we are all doomed. Too many on the Democratic side have stood against the well-intended Executive Orders from President Trump. Now, while that is to be expected all of his orders have been upheld every single time, by the courts. So, it is apparent that the constant barrage of violent and hateful rhetoric that is coming from their mouths is getting out of hand.

Again, I say we need strict term limits and let’s go ahead and add in yearly mental health exams by the White House’s choice of mental health specialists. Bag the nuts up and get them out!!!!!

H/T [ Young Conservatives ]