Melania Trump Posts AMAZING Independence Day Message That Her Critics Can’t Attack


Ever since Donald Trump was elected as president the left has been in constant attack mode. Not only have they attacked President Trump for all his policies and ideas, but they have also attacked Melania and their son Barron. These hypocritical libtards have attacked Melania for being too beautiful, too exotic, and too devoted to her son. You would think that the left would applaud Melania for being a strong woman, but because of the left’s hatred for Trump, they cannot help themselves.

It seems like every day Melania Trump is being bullied online and it has now gotten to the point of harassment. However, if this bullying was to be grating on the First Lady’s nerves we would not know it at all. Melania has taken every attack with such grace, composure, and poise that the lunatic left does not know what to say.

As you know today is the Fourth of July, and the left is out in full force to make this day miserable. However, while the left is looking to cause issues Melania Trump is seeking to unify our country.

Today Melania Trump posted a tweet that no one can argue with. 

“We are the land of the free because of the brave. Thank you to the heroes who serve!”

Here is the tweet.

According to The American Bacon:

The 47-year-old First Lady Melania Trump delivered a message of support to members of the U.S. military on Twitter on a Fourth of July.

“We are the land of the free because of the brave,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “Thank you to the heroes who serve!”

The president and first lady Melania Trump will foremost attend a picnic with military families on the South Lawn afore watching a fireworks from the Truman Balcony on Tuesday, as reported by the White House.

Even though Donald Trump and his family were in Bedminster, N.J. during the weekend, where Trump has a property, they were set to get back to Washington on Monday evening prior to the holiday. Trump will leave for his second foreign trip on Wednesday.

The Independence Day picnic at the White House is an old tradition lasting from at least the Carter administration, even though not every president has taken part in it every year.

President Donald Trump and his wife will be present at the White House during the holiday with military families, which is a tradition that former presidents have practiced for tens of years.

This is exactly the type of message that our country should see on this amazing day. Our founding fathers fought hard against tyranny from Britain and that should be respected. President Trump is doing all that he can to make our country America great again, but leave it to the left to try and ruin it.
Thank you, Mrs. Trump, for taking the time to honor those that have fought for our freedom.