Michelle Obama And Her Friends Attempt To Publically Embarass Melania Trump And Fail EPICALLY!

Michelle Obama has been on the warpath since Melania Trump stood next to her husband the day he stated that he was running for President and it has only gotten worse since the liberal media now acts like Michelle’s person cackling hen entourage. In reality, Obama really shouldn’t ever try to compare herself to the First Lady in any way, and least of all not in fashion.

The liberal media began bashing Melania’s choice of dress for the State Dinner with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and it the attack fell short. Melania looked stunning as usual. But let’s compare for a second, shall we…

Exactly! There is absolutely NO comparison in my opinion. Michelle looked frumpy and resembled a classless curtain while Melania as always looked graceful and elegant.

According to Patriot Beacon:

Despite the continual attacks directed at the president and the Trump family from the mainstream media, First Lady Melania Trump continues to exemplify true elegance and class.

She has practiced restraint yet is tough when the situation calls for pushback recently defending her husband’s tweet to MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski by saying, “When her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder.” However, Melania is also subjected to unwarranted criticism – this time, from Michelle Obama’s circle of friends who recently tried to knock Melania down a peg, but their efforts looked desperate.

Freedom Daily reported that though Michelle is in Indonesia on vacation, she sent her friends to Melania’s White House State Dinner to do her dirty work. Members of the liberal media tried to slam Melania for an outfit that she wore but the rest of the world loved the gown.

“Melania Trump’s style has come a long way since Donald’s election campaign and we’ve seen her sporting much more tailored looks. But her most recent outfit to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House, has been met with a bit of criticism,” The Mirror reported.

However, many loved Melania’s yellow gown, and she once again outclassed Michelle by rising above the criticism. “There are often subtle messages behind Melania’s outfits and perhaps with the yellow hue, she wanted to convey a sense of intellect as well as encouraging cheerfulness and inspiration,” the Mirror’s report continued.

The liberal media really should stop trying to kiss up to a has-been by attacking the First Lady on grounds that will never be comparable in the history of either woman’s life. It is beneath even trashy journalism and just shows the desperation of the Obama’s and the liberal left. You lost! Deal with it!

The petty and childish antics running a much currently all over mainstream media is a creating an atmosphere of devolvement in society and the pathetic way the left thinks they are hurting feelings is hilarious. I am pretty sure that even Melania laughs each and every time she reads the smut put out about her and her family knowing full well it will never be based on fact or proof. It is, however, getting old and people need to learn how to be adults again.

H/T [ Patriot Beacon ]