Michelle Obama And Hillary Clinton Emerge From Their Caves To Make This INFURIATING Announcement

Celebrity butt kissing and convergence of the ignorant elites happened on a grand scale at the Women in Film Awards. That is where Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton both were seen recently rubbing shoulders again with the liberal elite again. Of course, this was done in order to obtain more support from the liberal trolls hiding in the audience.

For years, we have heard how Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are the only women that care about the “real” issues. However, I am not sure I believe that considering how often we have seen them out with the Hollywood crowd. I mean how can these women say they know what the average family contends with when they are giving awards to A-listers? And, what Michelle Obama said at this recent event really shows how out of touch she really is.

According to The Washington Times:

Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Sen. Kamala Harris made surprise appearances at Women in Film’s awards ceremony with special videos, while veteran newsman Dan Rather called the group’s work toward gender parity in entertainment an example of “basic American decency, tolerance, and generosity.”

Comedian Jessica Williams hosted the unexpectedly patriotic Crystal + Lucy Awards Tuesday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where F-bombs flew freely and “Wonder Woman” earned applause anytime it was mentioned.

Clinton said she hadn’t seen “Wonder Woman” yet, but planned to: “Something tells me that a movie about a strong powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley,” she said before introducing Crystal Award-winner Elizabeth Banks.

Lucy Award winner Tracee Ellis Ross was misty-eyed as she watched Obama describe her as brilliant and hilarious.

“Your character on ‘Black-ish,’ Bow, is an inspiration for folks all across this country,” the former first lady said.

“Oh my goodness gracious,” Ross said.

I guess Michelle Obama missed the fact that people in America find military heroes more inspiring than a sitcom character, but what do I know, right? These women both have shown how little they care about the American people for years. Hillary Clinton has put America’s national security at risk and Michelle Obama has been as equally bad.

For, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to be off rubbing elbows with actors truly shows the content of the character.

However, it makes me wonder. Do people really still take these women serious? It is mind-boggling to think that anyone with even a quarter of a brain can assume that either Michelle or Hillary give two flying flips about who gave what performance in what show or movie. Their attendance has far greater personal agenda than what they are saying it does. Someone, please lock these two criminals up in a prison cell where they belong already.

These women have the souls of demons and nothing good will ever come from either one of them. Like the multi- headed Hounds of Hell, these women guard the gates and prosper from the actions of pure evil.


H/T [ The Washington Times ]