Man Who Advised Michelle Obama On School Lunch Programs ARRESTED For Sick Thing He Did

The “guru” behind Michelle Obama’s notoriously bad school lunches has been arrested for defrauding the school lunch program. David Binkle, who is a chef by trade, served as the health-food guru for the LA Unified School District. Binkle was praised for his strict health guidelines that were instituted for hundreds of thousands of students in the LA school district.

Binkle was so successful in instituting his program in the Los Angeles school district that he was summoned to the White House to meet with Michelle Obama and advise her on which direction to take instituting the national school lunch program. Michelle was so impressed by Binkle that she had this to say about him.

David Binkle, Director of Food Services for Los Angeles Unified School District, shared that his district has been able to successfully implement and even go beyond the nutrition standards for the 650,000 students they serve. As a result, they have seen increased participation in the program, improvements in students’ academics, and even increased graduation rates.

Fast forward and years later opinions on David Binkle have drastically taken a turn for the worse. Binkle is now facing multiple years in prison for defrauding the school lunch program, and in turn the children he was supposedly “serving.” According to the court documents, he stole $65,000 from Michelle Obama’s National food program and lined his own pockets with it. What a guy! He faces up to 13 years if he ends up being convicted on the 15 felony counts brought up against him. David Binkle is in some serious trouble and it serves him right!

According to a damning report by the Los Angeles Times:

The Los Angeles Unified School District serves nearly 700,000 meals per day, and the professional chef helped lead a charge that saw vegetarian curries, pad Thai noodles, and quinoa salads replace old cafeteria staples like chicken nuggets and corn dogs.

The initiatives won the district numerous awards, drew praise from then-First Lady Michelle Obama as she led a national push to combat childhood obesity, and earned Binkle appearances on Tedx Talks.

But as he was revolutionizing meals for the district’s students, prosecutors allege, Binkle illegally funneled roughly $65,000 of the district’s money into a private consulting firm he ran, then placed some of that money into his own pocket.

The 55-year-old appeared in court on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to 15 felony counts including embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds. He posted $220,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court in October. […]

According to court documents, Binkle repeatedly misappropriated district funds in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 between 2010 and 2014. Prosecutors also allege that he forged an application to become a vendor with the district and failed to disclose outside financial interests.

If convicted, he faces up to 13 years in prison.

The left-leaning Los Angeles Times is dramatically attempting to downplay the connection between the disgraced chef and Michelle Obama. They make it sound like Michelle only ever had kind words to say about Binkle. They fail to mention that the two worked directly together in implementing the national school lunch program. Michelle Obama has yet to comment on the situation and will most likely keep it that way. She will attempt to keep herself distanced in order to keep her name clean and scandal free and no doubt major news outlets will do everything in their power to keep it that way. We all know how much the media loves the Obama’s.

The whole idea of Michelle Obama ever having the power to make these choices for our public school system was a terrible idea in the first place. After all, she is an unelected First Lady and power like that should have never been in her hands. The government should never have a say in what our kids eat anyway. It is up to the parents to decide what food their kids will put in their mouths. It’s just a shame that the young ones are made to suffer and even more terrible that some man would take advantage of the children by stealing money and keeping it for himself. At least Binkle has been caught and can no longer take advantage of anyone else. Let’s hope he receives the maximum sentence.

H/T IJR, Daily Wire