Millennial Twats Torch The American Flag, Then Pissed Trucker Shows Up and KICKS THEIR ASS!

After Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th president, liberals have been throwing an epic temper tantrum that has lasted for months. One would think that they would get over it and move on, but that would show a maturity that is obviously beyond their years.

Thanks to Obama and his anti-American policies, liberals have been able to run rip shot without any consequences. For years, they have been coddled and given the go ahead to be as disrespectful as possible and destructive with no consequences. They have become accustomed to being able to bully everyone, but people have had enough of it and are fighting back.

Not only have these liberal protesters taken to destroying property, but they also have decided to show utter disrespect by burning the American flag. However, when one FedEx driver saw these idiots burning Old Glory he took matters into his own hands, and it is awesome.


I wish I could take this man out for a beer, or several beers for that matter. I can only hope that theĀ company does not discipline this man, but rather commend him for his brave actions.

The utter disrespect for our country and flag has reached an all-time high. I completely understand and agree with protests, but not when it crosses the line. These kids have no concept of what was sacrificed for this country or what the flag represents. I understand that it is a symbol, but that symbol represents all those who have served this country to protect the very freedoms we do have.

It breaks my heart to see these kids burning the flag which is essentially spitting in the face of all those who fought and died. The only solace that I take is that Trump is now presidentĀ and will not allow this disrespect to continue and it is about damn time.

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