Muslim Just Conned Americans Out Of $16M Dollars, Then a Liberal Idiot Judge Hands Down His ‘Punishment’

The SNAP benefits program has been abused for years. There are stories that come out all over the country regarding people selling their benefits for cash, and fraudulently buying items at shady markets. The taxpayers are the ones that suffer because we foot the bill!

It has been exposed that a ring of Muslims exploited our system, and stole over 3.5 million dollars in benefits. However, that isn’t even the worst part. One of those people who stole from the American people will only serve 18 months in prison.

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U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced Muhammad Sarmad, age 41, of Nottingham, Maryland, to 18 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud and wire fraud in connection with a scheme to illegally redeem food stamp benefits in exchange for cash. At the sentencing on March 27, 2017, Judge Bennett also ordered that Sarmad pay restitution of $3,550,662.

Defendant Received Over $3.5 Million from USDA for Food Stamps Traded for Cash; Defendant Exploited Fact that the Program Relies on Trust

“The food stamp program can be exploited by criminals like Muhammad Sarmad, who take advantage of the fact that the Department of Agriculture trusts retailers to actually provide food in return for taxpayer money,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein.

Sarmad and his co-conspirators received instruction regarding the requirements and regulations of the food stamp program, including that only eligible food items could be exchanged for EBT benefits, and that a retailer may never exchange EBT benefits for cash or non-food items.

So, he knew the rules but chose to ignore them anyway.

Sarmad also admitted that from admitted that from October 2010 through August 2016 he and his buddies made more than $3.5 million. That money was obtained in payments for food sales that never occurred or were substantially inflated.

The real question is why are jailing him and not deporting him? Why are we the taxpayers still paying for this scum? I don’t know about you, but I am outraged over this. Enough is enough it is time to deport them all!