Muslim Mayor Gives The People Of London This Lame-Duck Statement After Recent Mosque Attack

Sadiq Khan apparently only thinks that terror attacks are “part and parcel when living in a big city” if it is a Muslim doing it to the population in the name of ALLAH, but when the roles are suddenly reversed then he is all about finding and stopping the problem! This man is one of the world’s biggest hypocrites and it shows every time he opens his mouth. Khan has all but condoned the attacks in London that have been perpetrated by his brethren and his latest statement on the most recent attack involving a white man slamming his car into Mosque attendees is nothing short of the very problem him being Mayor creates.

Via Dennis Michael Lynch:

In remarks condemning Sunday night’s Finsbury Park attack, London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared on Monday that “terrorism is terrorism,” and pledged not to allow terror to divide the city. One person was killed and 10 injured when a man drove a van through a group of worshippers outside the Finsbury Park mosque.

According to witnesses, bystanders intervened and restrained the driver who reportedly shouted that he wanted to “kill Muslims.” Police confirmed that a 48-year-old man was arrested at the scene and that counterterrorism officials have launched an investigation into the incident.

“This is a truly horrific terrorist attack on our city that deliberately targeted innocent Londoners,” Kahn said on BBC Radio 4’s Monday broadcast. “Terrorism is terrorism whether it’s Islamist inspired, or inspired by others. “London has been through an extremely difficult time, it’s been a tough few weeks. But I’m so confident that we’re going to come through this. We’ll be strong, we’ll stay strong. We will not allow these people to divide us.” Kahn’s remarks came after the mosque castigated the media for not immediately referring to the attack as a terrorist act. The mosque released a statement to worshippers criticizing the “selective” reporting of some media outlets as “unacceptable” just weeks after terrorist attacks in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.

“We’ve seen over the recent past an increasing number of individuals trying to cause terror in our society,” Kahn said. “One of the objectives of these terrorists, whether they’re Islamist inspired or inspired elsewhere, is they seek to fuel division and divide us. “And one of the best ways, the best antidotes, to that hatred is to not allow it to succeed.”

I do not condone the attack on the Mosque in any way but maybe Khan needs to realize that it’s all just ‘part and parcel’ of what happens when numerous attacks happen! People will get fed up and strike back. It’s the nature of human beings, and because Khan has failed at his job based on his heavy connections to terror groups in the middle east he shouldn’t have assumed that the people of London wouldn’t fight back in any way they could.

Wake up London! Your Mayor needs to be removed and replaced with someone who isn’t trying to have you all killed.

H/T [ Dennis Michael Lynch ]