The New York Times Just Got UNBELIEVABLE Award For Their ‘Russian Hacking’ Hoax

Pulitzer Prize winners were announced today and wouldn’t ya know, The New York Times was one of the winners. There is one major problem though… their “award winning” article is FAKE news.

They were awarded for their ‘Russia Dark Arts Series‘ which included the Russian hacking scandal that the democrats love so much. Let that sink in… One of the three articles that won was titled ‘The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.’ dated December 13, 2016.

Here is an excerpt from the bogus news article:

It was the cryptic first sign of a cyberespionage and information-warfare campaign devised to disrupt the 2016 presidential election, the first such attempt by a foreign power in American history. What started as an information-gathering operation, intelligence officials believe, ultimately morphed into an effort to harm one candidate, Hillary Clinton, and tip the election to her opponent, Donald J. Trump.

Like another famous American election scandal, it started with a break-in at the D.N.C. The first time, 44 years ago at the committee’s old offices in the Watergate complex, the burglars planted listening devices and jimmied a filing cabinet. This time, the burglary was conducted from afar, directed by the Kremlin, with spear-phishing emails and zeros and ones.

By last summer, Democrats watched in helpless fury as their private emails and confidential documents appeared online day after day — procured by Russian intelligence agents, posted on WikiLeaks and other websites, then eagerly reported on by the American media, including The Times. Mr. Trump gleefully cited many of the purloined emails on the campaign trail.

I guess the Pulitzer Prize is just not all it’s cracked up to be anymore. When you begin to take a questionable material and award those who are misleading the public, you have lost all credibility. Like most awards these days, it is pretty obvious where their bias lies.

H/T Gateway Pundit