NFL Freaking Out After What This List Of Every Player Who Protested This Season Shows

With the football season at its very beginning, we see the large number of “oppressed” players pulling their typical protest moves on the field. Many are boycotting the NFL while many others are hanging on and supporting those who DON’T disrespect our country, our military, and our flag.

However, one player stated it best when he said, “When he puts on that suit, when he steps out on that field, now it’s more than just him,” Franco Harris said. “It’s his teammates, it’s the NFL, and it’s the fans.”

What more really has to be said? These supposedly oppressed players no longer represent only themselves and their individual rights when they step out onto a field to play for a TEAM. They no longer represent only their own opinion when they stand on a field and play a game that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the fans.

There is no place for personal activism in a unified organization made up of many people with many different views. Those personal opinions can and should be expressed on personal time, not while being paid millions by others who mostly disagree with you. Police, military, first responders, and others in a roll of public figures have no ability to express personal opinion while on the clock, and the NFL should be held to the same standard as everyone else.

According to Freedom Daily :

We’re barely into football season, and anti-American NFL players have already started their antics, picking up where Colin Kaepernick left off last year. These racist players continue to whine about their “oppression” of living in America, while living lavish multi-millionaire lifestyles afforded to them by the very same country they so vehemently despise. As we’re now into the official football season with the kick-off game taking place last Thursday, an unfortunate list as just surfaced of all the protesting athletes, that’s sure to spell disaster for the NFL.

Every time these anti-American players take a knee during our National Anthem, it’s a slap in the face to every single American soldier who has fought, bled, and died for this country. It’s a slap in the face to our country’s police officers too, as these players’ act of defiance is frequently done as a way to protest black thugs being shot by cops. (It never matters what the circumstances were, if a thug is killed by a police officer, it’s automatically because the cop was a “racist.”)

But facts don’t matter to these “oppressed” millionaire football players who keep hijacking America’s favorite pastime to make disgusting political statements on the field. As more and more Americans are hurting the NFL’s ratings by turning off the television, a convenient list of all these protesting morons is now in one place, so you’ll know which of your football jerseys needs to be immediately ripped to shreds and burned.

Seattle Seahawks’ defensive lineman Michael Bennett was the first protesting moron of the season, who disgustingly took a knee while the anthem played to whine about being “oppressed,” just days after singing a $30 million dollar contract with the Seahawks.

“Oppressed” millionaire NFL player Michael Bennett Green Bay Packers’ tight end Martellus Bennett stood, but flashed his “black power fist,” a disgusting head nod to the racist blacks who continue to bash our country with their vile cop-hating antics.

“Oppressed” millionaire San Fransisco 49ers safety Eric Reid knelt for the national anthem before the 49ers’ game against the Carolina Panthers, as he continued his protests from last season, as he was seen frequently kneeling with Kaepernick last year.

Anti-American Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders disgraced our country in the NFL’s opening week, which he has continued to do since the first preseason game. He sat glum while munching on a banana while our nation’s colors were raised.

ESPN reports that Philadelphia Eagles’ safety Malcom Jenkins continued his protests that he began last season, raising a black power fist over his head. “Defensive end Chris Long kept his hand on Jenkins’ back for the entire playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” as he did during the preseason. Safety Rodney McLeod put a hand on Jenkins’ shoulder, as well,” ESPN reported.

Kansas City Chiefs’ cornerback Marcus Peters sat on his ass while most of the National Anthem before Thursday night’s game against the New England Patriots, joining the long list of anti-American pinheads deciding to plop down and sulk like overgrown spoiled brats to protest their “oppression.”

“A dozen Browns players took a knee in prayer during the national anthem before Monday night’s preseason game against the New York Giants several weeks ago,” ESPN reported. “Those who took a knee were Seth DeValve, running backs Duke Johnson Jr. and Terrence Magee, safeties Jabrill Peppers and Calvin Pryor, cornerback Jamar Taylor, receivers Kenny Britt and Ricardo Louis, linebackers Christian Kirksey and Jamie Collins, and running backs Isaiah Crowell and Brandon Wilds (who were not in uniform).”

One NFL player who did just the opposite, Green Bay safety, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, shocked the nation with an incredible act of patriotism and heartfelt gesture towards our police officers, taking the field with a pair of cleats with the names of the two officers who were tragically killed in the line of duty by cop-hating thugs. Way to go, Ha Ha!

NFL legend Franco Harris spoke out recently about these ongoing protests, saying that this type of behavior has no place on the football field. “When he puts on that suit, when he steps out on that field, now it’s more than just him,” Harris said. “It’s his teammates, it’s the NFL, and it’s the fans.”
The NFL league has invested quite a bit of money into falsely presenting themselves as patriotic organization over the years, only to have it destroyed by these spoiled and douchey millionaire NFL players who want to use the football field to whine about their “oppression.” But now that we have an all-inclusive list of the anti-American morons who want to hijack America’s favorite pastime with their disgusting antics, and know which jerseys in our closets are in immediate need of a trash can.

These players had better open their eyes. The NFL franchise needs to open their eyes. It needs to be seen and understood the damage these players are doing to the hearts and souls of the very audience that pays their bill. True Americans that honor our flag and our Anthem make up a huge portion of the NFL’s fan base, and that will be the death of an American past time if they don’t do something to stop the asinine protests being basically funded by the NFL.

H/T [ Freedom Daily ]