Obama HUMILIATED After Embarrassing Pic of Him At White House Leaks, Proves Trump Is Right

Ever since Donald Trump was sworn in as the nation’s 45th president of the United States, the left has been in mourning. The great snowflake melting of 2017 has reached a fever pitch while they watch Obama’s legacy being stripped away one executive order at a time. In just the short time that Trump has been president, he has already accomplished more than Obama could ever dream possible.

The short list of accomplishments is as follows: Trump has begun to mend fences with Israel, stripped Obamacare down, removed all references to Climate Change from the White House website, instituted a federal hiring freeze that prevents every federal agency, even your local post office, from hiring any new employees, and has stopped funding of abortions overseas. If that is not hitting the ground working, I don’t know what is.

While we can keep going about the insane amount of things President Trump has accomplished in just over a week, an embarrassing picture of Obama’s first week in office was just leaked, and liberals are frantic to keep the comparison buried. Take a look:


This image really encapsulates the differences between these two men wonderfully. While Barack Obama looks confused and almost out of place in his surroundings, Trump seems right at home and ready to get to work.

Trump understood the daunting task that was before him when he decided to run for president. This country is as divided as ever, but with someone who is more focused on being a leader, we do stand a chance to regain our footing.

Obama was more focused on being popular and cool with celebrities than actually leading a country. For close to 30 years, we have not seen a president command as much respect as Trump does. Now that we have Trump at the helm, we will be able to right our current course and hopefully, become united once again.

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