Obama Insider Just Revealed The DEMENTED Private Daily Ritual Obama Can’t Go Without

Ever since Trump got into office, Barack Hussein Obama has been completely consumed with taking our new president down. As information to continues to emerge about his shadow government and his illegal spying on Trump throughout the presidential election, now an insider close to ol’ Barry is revealing one of Obama’s daily routines that’s so sick, it shows just how truly demented and obsessed Obama has become since Trump’s January 20th inauguration ceremony.

As Obama settles into his new 8 bedroom swanky mansion just 2 miles from the White House with his Iranian sidekick Valerie Jarrett, an insider reveals the clandestine operations that’s now in full swing. Rather than resorting to his favorite hobby of playing golf, Obama spends all of his waking hours literally obsessing over the man who succeeded him in office. According to a recent article by Breitbart, Obama leads daily conference calls with Democratic politicians, where they plot vile new strategies for how to completely obliterate Trump and his administration.

But Obama’s disturbing behavior doesn’t stop there. In addition to meetings, he’s also established what is known in the military as an “assault team,” where his a team of 12 individuals are dispatched on a daily basis to the West End neighborhood of Washington, with the sole mission to report back to Obama on Trump’s daily activities that the liberal media might have overlooked.

“There is a regular conference call for ‘the Obama network,’ a meeting the ex-president attended with former aides a few weeks back, and ad hoc calls to Senate and House Democrats, state-based groups and grassroots organizations.”

But of course liberal loons view Obama’s obsession as positive thing, as the former president has now become the official face of the “Trump resistance” movement.

“In his mind, it is more about being strategic in the sense that it is hard to see how it is in anyone’s interests for him to become the face of the resistance or to be narrating the Trump presidency,” said a source close to the former president.

Not only does Obama’s complete obsession with destroying Trump prove how mentally deranged he is, but it shows what a freaking liar he is as well. He pledged before Trump took office not to “interfere” with his successor’s presidency, but obviously, that was a big fat freaking lie from the pit of hell.