Obama’s Finest Get BRUTAL Taste Of Texas After Breaking Into Hurricane Victims’ Homes

It’s no surprise that crime goes up when faced with a major disaster. Criminals love to take advantage of other people’s misery and a major hurricane is a perfect opportunity to strike. Due to Hurricane Harvey, many families were forced to evacuate leaving homes empty and most of the time powerless which means no alarm systems.

When Hurricane Harvey struck land, criminals saw it as their opportunity to strike and wasted no time in doing so. On Friday night, as Hurricane Harvey make landfall in Texas, a robber tried to break into a home in Corpus Christi. However, the tables turned on him in an instant.

According to Corpus Christi,

Corpus Christi Police had no new information Saturday about a man who was shot Friday by a homeowner after police say he broke into a Southside home.

About 11 p.m., about an hour after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, police responded to the 7100 block of Ficus Court near Yorktown Boulevard where they found a man who had been shot in the head.

According to officers at the scene, the man broke into the residence and was shot by the homeowner. The man was taken to Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline.

As of 3 p.m. Saturday, police had no new information about the incident, said Senior Officer Travis Pace. The man’s name and age also were unknown Saturday afternoon.

No other major incidents were reported Friday night, he said.

Since Hurricane Harvey’s landfall, there have been some thefts. But Pace said he can’t say for sure where each incident was reported.

There also have been some traffic accidents, but no major accidents have been reported as of 3 p.m. Saturday, Pace said.

The suspect reportedly survived the ordeal and is currently recovering from his wounds in the hospital.

These are exactly the reasons why it is important to arm yourself. You never know when you are going to be a target and need to protect your home and family. That wasn’t the only incident where a robber tried to take advantage of the hurricane. As the storm continued to move inland reaching Houston, another alleged robber broke into a person’s home. Unfortunately for the burglar, things didn’t work out as well as it did for the first guy.

An alleged intruder was shot dead by a home resident in Houston’s Greater East End early Saturday.

Authorities received a call about the incident around 3 a.m., according to the Houston Police Department’s homicide division.

A person reportedly attempting to enter a home in the 6900 block of Avenue T was shot and killed by someone inside.

As of 5 a.m., HPD investigators remained on the scene.

The intruders made terrible decisions that ended up costing one of them his life and the other his freedom. Texas has always been known to be a tough state. Their citizens are not afraid to take action when being threatened. In fact, there are over 22,000,000 guns in Texas so the odds of getting away with a home invasion are much smaller than other places.

It’s pretty sad how people take advantage of others during such a tragedy as Hurricane Harvey. The storm is extremely dangerous and has caused major power outages and flooding across the state. This could have been a time when people banded together to help each other during this trying time, but there is always someone worse out there trying to benefit off of others misery.

Thankfully we live in a country that has the right to bear arms in case something similar like this happens. If Obama had his way, there would be no guns in the hand of citizens and crime would rise exponentially. Fortunately, his plans never worked out the way he had hoped, and the citizens of Texas are able to protect themselves during the catastrophe that they currently face. I have no sympathy for those who try to hurt others, and the two burglars deserved what they got.

Hopefully, others will learn from these two people’s horrible choices and instead of trying to steal from others will use the opportunity to help fellow Americans during this trying time. Texas is still not out of the woods, and the infighting is the last thing they need. Fortunately, they have their guns and at least they can protect themselves. The flooding, however, is a whole different ballgame. Keep them in your prayers.

H/T Caller, Chron



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