Obama’s Leftover Military Officers Infiltrate Army With Islam, Now Look What They’re Forcing Our Soldiers To Do

There’s been many WTF moments for America’s military after enduring 8 years of being led by a treasonous Commander-in-Chief, but we had all hoped those days were finally over with President Trump as the new Commander-in-Chief. But unfortunately, that is not the case. With many of Obama’s leftover military Generals still in command, they’ve now done the unthinkable to our armed forces, with a new policy that thoroughly embarrasses our nation’s troops, while pandering to America’s enemies.

It wasn’t just enough to make our military the laughing stock of the world during his time in office by forcing our Soldiers to march in gay pride parades and allowing transgenders to lead Infantry units. Now Obama is having the last final laugh, after using his leftover officers to thoroughly infiltrate our military with Islam. Rather than making Muslim Soldiers in the Army adhere to the strict dress and appearance policies set forth in AR 670-1 like everyone else, Army commanders now have the authority to grant waivers to their Muslim Soldiers, allowing them to wear full Islamic garb!

Effective immediately, brigade-level commanders will be able to grant accommodations to their Muslim Soldiers, allowing the women to wear Islamic hijabs while in uniform, and the males to grow long beards and don turbans!

This has Obama’s fingerprints all over it, as this asinine directive came down the pipes during his final days in office in response to litigation from a Sikh servicemen who demanded he be allowed to wear a turban and beard while in uniform.

This is absolutely outrageous! What a slap in the face to every single American who has lost their lives at the hands of Muslim terrorists! And for our active military to be forced to adhere to a set of rules that panders to the very same religion responsible for countless American lives lost overseas, this is truly astonishing.  Hopefully General Mattis will put a stop to this nonsense, and restore our Army to what it was meant to represent….America!

H/T [Red Watcher]