Top Democrat Is Forced To Resign After ANOTHER Child Sexual Abuse Claim Is Discovered

There is nothing worse than a lying Democrat, unless it is a Democrat who has been accused of pedophilia so many times that he has to resign. Whether the allegations are true or not, it is concerning that the Democratic Mayor of Seattle has been accused so many times of sexually abusing children that he has had to resign. His lame excuse of only resigning to not distract from what Democrats are trying to accomplish sounds a lot like a cop out.

If these allegations turn out to be true, may this scum rot in the lowest reaches of hell for his actions against the innocents he abused.  Being true would not be shocking with the track record of Democrats being caught in all kinds of sexual depravities and crimes in the last few years. What is amazing is that so many moronic leftists can’t seem to wrap their brain around the facts provided against their “leaders.”

According to Breitbart :

Seattle’s Democratic Mayor Ed Murray announced his resignation on Tuesday, hours after a fifth man accused him of child sex abuse.

Murray’s resignation came hours after his cousin, Joseph Dyer, gave an interview with the Seattle Times alleging sexual abuse dating from the 1970’s, claiming something “had to be done” about his reported crimes.

Over the last year, Murray has been subject to a string of accusations that he molested several young men in the 1980s. He initially denied the claims, but the accusations became so intense that Murray announced in May he would not run for re-election.

“While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business,” Murray said in a statement.

During his time in office, Murray promoted a number of progressive causes, including defending Seattle’s sanctuary city status, launching a campaign to push the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, fighting for same-sex marriage, and vociferously opposing President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

“I’m proud of all that I have accomplished over my 19 years in the Legislature, where I was able to pass what were at the time the largest transportation packages in state history, a landmark gay civil rights bill and a historic marriage equality bill,” Murray said. “But it has also become clear to me that in light of the latest news reports it is best for the city if I step aside,” he continued. “To the people of this special city and to my dedicated staff, I am sorry for this painful situation.”

Seattle Council President Bruce Harrell will become mayor upon Murray’s resignation, Murray said. Harrell now has five days to decide whether he will see out the remainder of Murray’s term, which ends in December.

At some time in our history we need to have a landslide deletion of all things Democratic. At this juncture in our country’s timeline, the Democrats have never been attached to anything good, and instead continue to be connected to sexual crimes, Satanism, tyranny, racism, and treason on a scale bigger than anyone could ever truly have imagined. Fortunately, the truth is being exposed.

It is almost as if Trump running for the Presidency did in fact overturn the massive rug all these scummy Dems have been hiding under for so many years. To think that these are the people who have been the majority in this country for so long is truly gut-wrenching. The unconstitutional laws they have constantly pushed and won, the filthy crimes committed in the name of supposed justice, and the back-door deals that every Democrat is guilty of are mind boggling.

The Democratic party needs to be banned and called what it truly is–The Communistic Nazi Party. Pedophiles have one place on this earth and that is feet under, not in our government! Get these sick people away from legislature before they succeed in making this country Sodom and Gomorrah for crying out loud! Christianity is being tested and it will not end well for those who are trying to delete everything that is just and good in this world.

H/T [ Breitbart ]


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