PISSED OFF COWBOY Schools Libs Calling All Conservatives ‘Nazis’ [VID]


According to liberals, everyone who voted for President Trump is a racist and a Nazi. But let’s look at the facts and decide for ourselves who the Nazi’s truly are. Most people know that the Nazi party is synonymous with Adolf Hitler, and they rose to power in the 1930’s. Nazism is usually characterized as a form of fascism that incorporates scientific racism and anti-Semitism. Nazism’s development was influenced by German nationalism.

Nazism subscribed to theories of racial hierarchy and Social Darwinism, identifying the Germans as a part of what the Nazis regarded as an Aryan or Nordic master race. It aimed to overcome social divisions and create a German homogeneous society based on racial purity which represented a people’s community.

Trump and his supporters have never once claimed that whites are superior, and in fact, many of the people who do support Trump are part of minority groups. The major problem with Liberals (besides what they stand for) is the way they tend to viciously attack people who disagree with them regardless of their race. Nazis were famous for suppressing free speech and this is exactly how Antifa operates, yet they claim that Trump supporters are the Nazis.

The media has been a major contributor to Antifa by painting the organization in a positive light while simultaneously condemning Republicans. CNN published a story on Wednesday calling “ordinary” supporters of President Donald Trump white supremacists and blaming them for the violence which occurred in Charlottesville, Virgina.

The report by CNN claims “It’s easy to focus on the angry white men in paramilitary gear who looked like they were mobilizing for a race war in the Virginia college town,” the report reads. “But it’s the ordinary people — the voters who elected a reality TV star with a record of making racially insensitive comments, the people who move out of the neighborhood when people of color move in, the family members who ignore a relative’s anti-Semitism — who give these type of men room to operate.”

The report is primarily the work of political activist Mark Naison who is a Professor at Fordham University. Naison has consistently labeled supporters of Trump as white supremacists.

“You have to have millions of people who are willing to be bystanders, who push aside evidence of racism, Islamophobia or sexism. You can’t have one without the other,” Naison says. “We are a country with a few million passionate white supremacists — and tens of millions of white supremacists by default,” Naison told CNN.

The report neatly categorizes Trump supporters into four separate categories based on the degree of their complicity in enabling white supremacy.

One such category is labeled the “down low segregationists,” who according to “Naison and others,” claim to be against segregation but actively segregate themselves by moving when their neighborhood becomes diverse.

Then there is the “yes, but” group who acknowledge that racism is a problem but add a qualifier to the concession “to diminish the sincerity of what [they] just said.” The report then suggests moral equivalency between modern critics of the Black Lives Matter movement and the moderates identified in Rev. Martin Luther King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail” as the central obstacle to desegregation.

“When a police officer shoots an unarmed black person, even then it’s controversial to say racism is a factor,” Erik Love, a sociologist at Dickinson College, told CNN. “We say, ‘Why don’t we talk about these other issues. What about the crime rate, what police officers need to protect themselves.’ And suddenly we’re not talking about race anymore.”

Check out the video and see what he has to say. It will all make perfect sense.

What a bunch of crap! There is nothing worse than being labeled a Nazi white supremacist when the majority of Trump supporters are peace loving individuals who don’t judge anything based on race. A Facebook supporter going by The Political Cowboy breaks it down for us in a powerful post that was released last week. The Political Cowboy’s post stirred the pot and has since become viral across the internet. In the video he goes over what it means to be a Nazi and how Republicans are anything but Nazis.

H/T Daily Caller, Political Cowboy


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