Police Make Gruesome Discovery After These Depraved Monsters Stuff an American Soldier Into Suitcase

Police are trying to put the puzzle pieces together after they discovered the body of a 4’11 WWII veteran stuffed in a suitcase in an abandoned field. The police identified the man as 89-year old WWII veteran Robert Brooks from Youngstown, New York.

The police believe that the man was left there by his caretaker, 56-year old Virginia Colvin, and her boyfriend. Apparently, the couple thought it would be a good idea to run away with the man’s corpse to collect his social security benefits, isn’t that just lovely?

Here is more from Conservative Daily Post: 

David Gilbo, of the Youngstown Police Department, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “He was a war hero who could have been buried at the [Arlington] National Cemetery. Instead, he ends up in a suitcase dumped in a field in Arkansas.”

Gilbo said the man died of natural causes in his home likely about a month before his body was found March 5, Fox News reports. He had been living in upstate New York with his caregiver, 56-year old Virginia Colvin. She had cared for him since 2012. Colvin’s boyfriend, Michael Stivers, was also present in the home.

Virginia Colvin and boyfriend Michael Stivers.

“Why did they decide to take the body from here, instead of calling for an ambulance, is yet to be determined,” Johnstown Police Lt. Dave Gilbo told WRGB, a CBS affiliate in Albany.

Right now, the authorities think the couple did not report his death in order to keep collecting his Social Security benefits. They have checked the couple’s bank statements. If that was the case, no monies have thus far been collected.

 I just can’t believe the levels people will go to just to make a buck. How do some people look at human life and have such disregard for it? Thankfully, the boys in blue were there to bring these lowlifes to justice so they can’t get into any more shenanigans.

H/T [ Conservative Daily Post ]