President Trump Is Making America Great Again In A BIG Way–You Know Obama Would Never Have Done This

I keep thinking foolishly that Democrats and the loons on the left will wise up and stop underestimating President Trump. At some point, those that attempt to destroy President Trump, and his initiatives, must say to themselves, “this is not working”. And according to President Trump’s approval ratings, I’d say most Americans are tired of the left’s nonsense and fake news.

One of President Trump’s campaign promises was that he was making it a top priority to bring jobs back to America, and it seems he is keeping his word on that. According to a report recently published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 222,000 jobs were added in June 2017. Wallstreet had estimated that the number was going to be around 175,000. So how is that President Trump and his team have been so successful at adding jobs to the economy? Well, many employers are anticipating the repeal of Obamacare. You remember, that mess where Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to sign it to see what’s in it”. Then there is the fact that President Trump has been focused more on meeting with world leaders, to make deals, so more Americans can have jobs, whereas King Obama was busy playing golf and apologizing for America. Case in point, President Trump has currently met with 38 world leaders as of June 6, 2017. At the similar point in King Obama’s Presidency, he met with only 20 world leaders as of July 6th, 2009. For you liberals that can’t subtract, that is a difference of 18. Yes, 18 more world leaders President Trump has met with to secure a fair deal for America and ensure our national security. I guess Obama thought playing golf was more important.

I think the perfect graphic representation, comparing the Trump Presidency in the first 100 days versus that of Obama in 2009, is the graph below, showing how many laws were signed, a number of pages writing those laws took, and even how many words.

(Photo Credit: Business Insider)

When I first saw this I was shocked. Over 1 million words on 1,602 pages, and only 14 laws there for Barry. And some wonder why the economy was such a mess for 8 years. We gave bailouts to companies’ that didn’t deserve it, government benefits which didn’t provide an incentive for people to find work, and as then President Obama said, he wanted to “fundamentally transform America”. According to this it sure seems he tried.

Figuring out the differences between the Trump Presidency and the Obama Presidency is simple. Barack Obama thinks life should be dished out on a silver platter. Whereas President Trump believes in hard work and not expecting anything.

Here is another example, remember that time it seemed President Obama forgot to salute a Marine while boarding Marine One? Here is the video in case you forgot.

While watching the video he walks right by the Marine standing outside Marine One, boards, and appears to salute the pilots. President Obama then goes back out of Marine One and shakes the Marine’s hand. Do I think Obama did this on purpose? No. I do think he did it because of his mindset, and it is something which doesn’t register on his radar. Whereas we saw just recently that while President Trump was boarding Marine One, the Marine who stands guard outside the aircraft, had his cover blown off due to wind and rotor wash. So, President Trump stopped, bent down, and picked up the Marine’s cover, and he then attempted to place the cover back on the Marine’s head. See the difference? It’s the mindset. Sure President Trump can act a bit childish on Twitter but he is always aware of his surroundings and makes it a point to show his appreciation for the military. Appreciating and honoring the military was never something that seemed to be important to Obama. And this difference in mindset is why President Trump is on track to keep his campaign promises, while Obama is going to go down as a worse President than Jimmy Carter, and Obama is the first and only President to be referred to as part of the female anatomy on live TV.

I’m excited for what the future holds for America and the Trump Presidency. And I’m certainly looking forward to the next Presidential election. America is definitely on the way to being great again, and there are going to be a lot more jobs, better trade deals, and of course, there is the wall Mexico is paying for. But conservatives can’t get complacent. We must keep the fight going against the left and their brain-dead ideas like $15 an hour minimum wage, so called affordable healthcare, and recognizing the 1,856,374 genders that now exist. Complacency will only wind us up back where we were when Obama took office, and that is something the USA can’t afford. The USA can’t afford to go down the road of apologies and failure. We need to fight to stay on the road of success, and on the way make sure to stay hydrated with liberal tears.