Rude Muslims Refuse To Remove Her Burkas In Court, So a Pissed Off Judge Throws The Book At Them!

Allowing Burqas to be worn by Muslim women in areas of concern, i.e. airports, DMV’s, courthouses, has been up for debate for years. These coverings cause a severe concern for national security for every country that is currently being overrun with immigrants and refugees, and it has appeared that no one knew quite how to address the issue.

Now, there are currently 6-countries that have banned full-face veils in public, with other countries banning similar coverings in various circumstances. France, Belgium and several African countries have instated laws banning the wearing of burqas, while Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Germany is now in support of a partial ban on the Islamic full-face veil.

Taking it an extra step further, the Australian Victorian Opposition Party has proposed a bill that will institute a minimum $1,500 fine for Muslim woman wearing either burqas or niqabs to court, and if they refuse to uncover they could face jail time. The new law would afford judges and magistrates the legal tools needed to deal with bad behavior in court.

On Monday, Matthew Guy Opposition leader warned he would take action if elected next year against those who allow “disrespectful behavior” in courtrooms. However opposing the proposed law Attorney-General Martin Pakula said there was no need for additional legislation in that both judges and magistrates already have the power to deal with those individuals who refuse to comply.

“I regularly meet with the chief justice, the chief judge and the chief magistrate and none of them have ever suggested they need a law of this nature,” he said. “It’s because they know that contempt of court provisions are perfectly adequate to deal with people who are disrespectful or disruptive.”

It really should be recognized world-wide that full coverings be illegal in many instances regardless of religious reasoning. We must stop pandering to those who could be potentially dangerous. If I can’t wear a hoodie to court then they shouldn’t be allowed to wear burqas either.

What do you think?

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