Satanists Get Devastating News 24 Hours Before Their Disgusting Temple To Satan Is Scheduled To Be Built

The fight between those who honor our fallen soldiers and those who would rather worship Satan is recently ramping up in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. A proposal to erect a Satanic statue in the local park where Veteran monuments already exist was denied when locals stood their ground. Sadly, there is a Veteran memorial statue that is having to be removed due to all of this.

The park was designated as a free speech zone at the beginning of the year, which allowed the memorial named “Joe” to be placed in the park regardless of possible protests. Now that the designation of a “free speech zone” is being revoked there will be no statues erected in the future either.

According to Conservative Tribune :

In Belle Plaine, Minnesota, Satanists have lost the fight to erect their Satanic monument in the city’s Veterans Memorial Park as the city decided to eradicate their designation of the park as a “free-speech zone.”

The elimination of the free-speech zone occurred “quietly” on Monday evening, as reported by Shakopee Valley News. The decision came after the small city gained national attention when Satanists wanted to use the park’s designation to erect a Satanic monument, and protests and threats of lawsuits soon followed.

Belle Plaine previously decided to designate the park as a free-speech zone earlier this year after protests occurred after a war memorial nicknamed “Joe” was placed inside the park. Joe was a two-foot steel memorial that showed a silhouette of a solider kneeling by a cross.

Makes sense, considering this was a veteran’s memorial park, but many residents argued it went against the “separation of church and state,” the Star Tribune reported back in January. To quiet the unrest, the city designated the area as a free-speech zone, but, of course, that meant anyone could put anything in the park… no matter how controversial. “Our intent was good … but it just became too convoluted,” council member Theresa McDaniel said of the decision to reverse the free-speech designation.

Belle Plaine then received and approved The Satanic Temple’s monument proposal, which would show a cube with pentagrams on its side and an upturned helmet on top. According to the Shakopee Valley News, the monument met all of the zone’s requirements. However, the residents did not like the idea of a Satanic monument in the park.

“People are kind of surprised that a public monument to Satan would be put up in a veteran’s park,” Robert Ritchie, director of the Catholic nonprofit America Needs Fatima, said. “The devil is scary to people.” Protests, phone calls, and angry emails then plagued the city for months. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said council member Cary Coop, adding, “I think people are really, really tired of it. It’s been non-stop controversy for a year now.” After the decision was made to reverse the park’s designation, Satanists lost the right to erect their Satanic monument; however, “Joe” will now also have to be removed.

Belle Plaine resident Kyle Tietz remarked to the outlet before the vote that he was disappointed with the possibility of the reverse decision. “They fought a battle, they made a decision. Stick with it,” he said. “Let everybody put their own things up. Everybody has an opinion. That’s what makes this country great … This is the veteran’s park, isn’t it? That’s what they fought for?”

Still, despite the removal of “Joe,” it’s important that the city listened to the people who felt that a Satanic monument was not welcome in their city.

For every step forward for those who honor God and country there are 3 steps back that we are pushed. The Satanists were quoted as saying that our soldiers fought and died for the freedoms that should allow the Satanic statue to be erected in a public space but fail to remind everyone that they were the ones in Oklahoma that demanded and won the removal of the Ten Commandment statue. They also seem to forget that our soldiers fought and died under a pledge of “One Nation Under GOD!”

The world is a topsy-turvy place nowadays, and it becomes increasingly scary to think how it will be in ten years if these “progressive” liberals get their way in everything.

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]