SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Mocks Liberals In Hilarious Spoof Using A Pro-Trump Pug [VID]

I remember in the early 90’s, how hysterical Saturday Night Live was. I used to wait up all night to watch the antics of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. However, the show has taken a turn for the worse and it is hardly comical anymore. When liberal Tina Fey was handed the productions reins in early 2000’s the show went downhill. What was once a humorous break from reality became a talking piece for the left.

The ratings have been plummeting ever since, and maybe that caught the attention of the SNL executives. Last Friday night, they aired a hysterical skit that actually made fun of liberals.

Seriously this had me laughing out loud.

Of course, they still had to make their childish swipes at Donald Trump, but the dog was right on point. Hell, I would hang out with this dog over Scarlett Johansson.

SNL better shape up or they may all be out of a job soon. The American people are sick and tired of being told they are wrong by liberals, and especially actors. Their only job is to entertain us and that is it.

Maybe, just maybe they are getting the message and will at the very least keep it balanced. I am all for making fun of current events, but when these asshats just poke fun at conservatives it becomes mundane.

I don’t know what you thought of the clip, but let us know in the comments below!