SHOCKING Documents Reveal That Comey Shared Secret Intel On Americans With Private Parties

James Comey is heavily embedded into the Hillary scandal as well as being a rat for many deep state agents intent on shutting the Trump Administration down, and now there is also irrefutable proof that Comey has compromised the American people. Recently certain documents have been declassified and they show exactly how Comey lied on the stand when asked about his use of sensitive materials gathered concerning American citizens. The useless crook sold us out to “third-parties” on more than one occasion!

Sara Carter of Circa News explains how declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties.

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Via Gateway Pundit:

Via Circa News: The FBI has illegally shared raw intelligence about Americans with unauthorized third parties and violated other constitutional privacy protections, according to newly declassified government documents that undercut the bureau’s public assurances about how carefully it handles warrantless spy data to avoid abuses or leaks. In his final congressional testimony before he was fired by President Trump this month, then-FBI Director James Comey unequivocally told lawmakers his agency used sensitive espionage data gathered about Americans without a warrant only when it was “lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked.”

Once-top secret U.S. intelligence community memos reviewed by Circa tell a different story, citing instances of “disregard” for rules, inadequate training and “deficient” oversight and even one case of deliberately sharing spy data with a forbidden party. For instance, a ruling declassified this month by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) chronicles nearly 10 pages listing hundreds of violations of the FBI’s privacy-protecting minimization rules that occurred on Comey’s watch. The behavior the FBI admitted to a FISA judge just last month ranged from illegally sharing raw intelligence with unauthorized third parties to accessing intercepted attorney-client privileged communications without proper oversight the bureau promised was in place years ago.

The court also opined aloud that it fears the violations are more extensive than already disclosed. “The Court is nonetheless concerned about the FBI’s apparent disregard of minimization rules and whether the FBI is engaging in similar disclosures of raw Section 702 information that have not been reported,” the April 2017 ruling declared. The Justice Department inspector general’s office declassified a report in 2015 that reveals the internal watchdog had concerns as early as 2012 that the FBI was submitting ‘deficient” reports indicating it had a clean record complying with spy data gathered on Americans without a warrant.

Sara Carter reports: “The FBI illegally shared data it collected with unauthorized third parties and federal contractors according to a document recently declassified by the foreign intelligence surveillance court. 10 pages from the FISA court show a history of violations in the FBI like one case where the foreign intelligence data on an American in U.S. was disclosed to a forbidden party.”

Watch Sara Carter’s extensive explanation here.


So for everyone that called many of us tin-hats when we said we were being data mined and sold to the highest bidders? I hope you enjoy being proven wrong time and time again. These acts of constitutional privacy violations and the auctioning of our info off to the highest bidders have to be stopped!

The lowest of the governmental scum are being exposed and it is about time!

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