SICKENING Video Surfaces Of Michelle Explaining Why She Hates White People

The Obama’s say a lot of things they probably should never say, but this video takes the cake. Michelle has been called out a few times in the past for her blatant and ignorant rhetoric about white people, and she cannot seem to figure out that it is her words that make us hate her not her skin tone.

With a narrative like that, how can she explain her husband winning not only once, but twice? How is it that both Obama’s were so successful prior to the Presidency if she has lived her whole life with a mindset like this? Oh, that’s right. She is full of it. Notice how when Obama was losing to Hillary it was because white people are racist, and yet when Trump was beating Hillary it was because white people were racist?

Check out Michelle’s BS mouth vomit below:

According to the Conservative Post :

Michelle Obama tried to play the dignified First Lady.

But everywhere she went, the real Michelle Obama shone through – obnoxious, arrogant, and race-baiting.

The video comes from the time of Barack Obama’s run against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Michelle, true to her nature, is busy playing the victim card, trying to convince viewers that despite living in great privilege, she is a victim of “oppression.”

This woman is an IDIOT.

Not only is her entire depiction of “oppression” in America ridiculous, she’s actually demeaning African-Americans by claiming they all have an “inferiority complex.”

Well, Michelle, tell that to all the confident, successful and fulfilled African-Americans who are serving their nation, leading business, heading hospitals and walking the halls of power.

There truly is no level that the Obama’s, and most Democrats in general,won’t stoop to in order to explain their many failures in life and politics. It would be humorous had it not ushered in the worst race war in American history. It makes one wonder if they would blame the moon for causing shadows if it would somehow explain away all the horrid things Democrats are responsible for (like financial slavery and poverty-stricken urban areas.

But I am sure that is somehow Trump ‘s fault too. Wait I think they have actually said that already. Come on folks, is it really hard to see that this “race is an excuse” argument has gotten old and way out of control? There is NO ONE in America who doesn’t have the same opportunities as anyone else, and most just choose to not take opportunities and would rather sit on their butts and cry about what they don’t have while earning more in assistance than even those who bleed after a hard day of work.

That goes for all colors on the entitled government food train currently claiming it is all the fault of white people. White guilt is a BS thing as well. One can not be guilty of something one has not personally been a part of.

Enough is enough people. How many photos and videos have to be found and shared for the country to realize exactly what is happening here? How many more times does the world have to crumble around us before those who are supposedly oppressed get it through their heads that they are the ones causing the crumbling of all things good and just in this country. It is like a plague in the form of a lack of responsibility and lack of work ethic.

Obama won twice BECAUSE he was black not in spite of it. That is a fact, and it doesn’t matter what Michelle says about it otherwise. Their children are excelling BECAUSE they are black and BECAUSE of who their parents are. That is literally the privilege they claim is only for whites.

Grow up. This isn’t about race. It is about the urge and drives to succeed, which Democrats have made sure via societal and financial slavery that black people in most urban areas will never have. Unless of course, they fight back against the right enemy and it isn’t the conservatives and the right.

The first black President managed nothing in eight years except to set this country back 100 years. Good job!

H/T [ Conservative Post ]


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