While You Thought Obama Was Off Vacationing, Here’s The SICK Thing He Was Just Caught Doing With $400 Million Dollars

Ever since Donald Trump became president, liberals have been losing their minds, violently protesting and rioting across the nation. We’ve all begun to wonder who’s funding these protests, as these large masses that gather seem to be well organized, and often buses of these morons can be seen arriving into cities shortly before riots begin.  Now there’s evidence that Obama is behind it all, after $400 million dollars was just traced to a very suspicious group.

The week before Obama left the Oval office, the Department of Homeland Security announced this year’s grants would be awarded to groups across the nation in an effort to counter radical Islam.  But story was just a disguise for where the money was really going, as it was just revealed that part of that money went to Jeh Johnson, which is supposed to be an anti-hate group. But it’s far from an anti-hate group as you will soon see.

The chairman of LifeAfterHate, Christian Picciolini, has published tweets for months calling for the Trump administration to be violently overthrown. In light of the $400,000 grant given this year from DHS to the non-profit organization, these treasonous tweets by Mr. Picciolini are quite significant.


This is the real Christian Picciolini and it seems he might still be harboring a lot of hate. Like many other liberals, he presents a facade to the donors of his foundation while presenting a complete different temperament and belief in his daily life.

Within the statement released by DHS, LifeAfterHate is listed under the “Managing Interventions” category along with a mayor’s office, a police department and several other groups.

In the last paragraph, Johnson stated that, “domestic-based efforts to counter violent extremism have become a homeland security imperative.” However, given the hypocritical violence of the left over the course of the past year, the irony in this statement is not lost. Liberals have become the epitome of self-radicalization and a lot of our tax dollars went to supporting these efforts.

In the DHS statement, Johnson actually singles out LifeAfterHate as opposed to the other traditional anti-terrorist grantees listed. “Among the awardees are organizations devoted specifically to countering ISIL’s recruitment efforts in our homeland, and Life After Hate, an organization devoted to the rehabilitation of former neo-Nazis and other domestic extremists in this country,” Johnson said.

After looking at Picciolini’s timeline, we can see that he devotes a ton of effort to bashing anyone that doesn’t believe that all whites are as racist as he used to be.


Picciolini and his group are only one more example of the far-left liberals that do not have any arguments left. Instead, they must declare that they are hated and oppressed. These people are not dedicated to protecting America, they are trying to make America a place where you are automatically a criminal if you are not a minority. They have spent years accusing whites of hatred based on their skin color but they do not see any hypocrisy even though they are doing the exact same thing.

The Democrats would have you believe that racism is exclusive to minorities and that white people cannot be racist. However, racism is not limited to white people. It is alive and well in people of all skin colors, religions, genders and sexual preferences.

Donald Trump has been labeled every hateful term imaginable by liberals, but baseless accusations is all they are. As our President, Trump’s policies have sought to even the playing field for only one entity, America.

He has never said that he will protect only white Americans or only male Americans, but he did make this statement:

The only real question left is why are our tax dollars going to this Trump-bashing organization? Now that Obama is gone, America will see what unity is really about and the division that our former president has caused.

H/T [Conservative Daily Post]