VIDEO: Muslim Killer Smirks While Widow Cries In Court, Judge Then Says These 6 Words

Basim Henry murdered a man for no other reason than to help in the stealing of a luxury vehicle and as he is being sentenced 4-years later, the disgusting waste of human flesh does nothing but stand in the courtroom full of his victims family and smirks! We are told daily that the Muslim faith teaches love and peace, yet here is one of their loving and peaceful brethren smiling about the fact that he murdered someone for absolutely nothing. If this isn’t the perfect example of their lies and evil ways I don’t know what is.

According to Teddy Stick:

It was almost four years ago that Dustin Friedland lay dying in his wife Jamie’s arms after being shot by carjackers at a mall in New Jersey. The pain of her loss was still evident on her face as she gave her final statement during the trial of Basim Henry, one of the criminals. There was no similar pain on Henry’s face.

In fact, video of him during the statement shows him alternating between no emotion at all and smirking. When Judge Michael Ravin saw the man’s face, he could not contain his anger. “You’re standing here smiling at me.” Basim simply stands there and the judge goes on, “well, there’s no reason to believe your criminal behavior and the threat you pose to society will ever end.” Judge Ravin then delivered the verdict, wiping the smile off Henry’s face, “I sentence you to state prison for the rest of your life.”

Rose Friedland, the mother of the victim, said nothing could bring her son back. Dustin’s family is grateful that one trial is over but says that no punishment can bring him back.

His mother, Rose Friedland said, “There is no victory for us today. Dustin will not be with us again and there will be two mothers without their sons.” Henry was the getaway driver that fateful night. He did not directly kill Dustin, who was pistol whipped and shot so the men could steal the couple’s Land Rover. However, it was determined that he knew force would be necessary to take the car when the group set out that night.

The Muslim man has a long history of crime that began when he was still a child. In this deadly case, he was charged with “felony murder, murder, carjacking, conspiracy to commit carjacking, possession of a permit-less weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.” He is the first of the four to be tried. Some are wondering if Judge Ravin will be even harsher on them. By the time Henry is eligible for parole he will be 104-years-old.


I am glad the Judge took this man’s life and made it what it was truly worth—nothing. This disgusting piece of crap will now sit in an 8×8 cell and never to see the light of day again. For this vermin, not to show absolutely no remorse for a life he took literally shows that he is the lowest of the low. The only thing that would have made this better would have been if he was sentenced to death.


H/T [ Teddy Stick ]