[WATCH] “Bulldog” Gowdy GRILLS ATF Agent And Gets Him To Reveal 3 MAJOR Obama Secrets

Trey Gowdy is known as the “Bulldog” congressman, and if you have ever seen him grilling people at public hearings you will know why. Recently Gowdy delivered a devastating blow to the former Barack Obama administration. In a hearing, Trey Gowdy gets an ATF special agent to admit three specific secrets that Obama was hiding from the American people, it’s something you are not wanting to miss.

According to a Youtube video posted on June 6, 2017, Gowdy questioned former ATF Special Agent John Dodson, as he sat next to the mother of fallen Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on the infamous “Fast and Furious” scandal that has plagued Obama for years. The operation was a complete failure which resulted in numerous civilian deaths and order Patrol Agent Brian Terry own untimely demise at the hands of these weapons that were supposedly meant to track the drug cartels. Gowdy like the rest of us knew that Obama’s real intentions were to stir up gun violence in order to impose stricter gun control by stirring the emotions of Americans. Watch as the “Bulldog” destroys Obama’s gun-running operation charade.

Watch the video here. 

“It has vexed me how anyone could have ever thought this investigative scheme was going to work. I don’t know how a line agent would think it was going to work, and that’s why line agents have supervisors and Assistant U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Attorney to say, ‘Wait, your heart might be in the right place but this might be the dumbest idea I have ever heard,’” Gowdy said. After pausing for a moment, Gowdy goes on to directly question Special Agent Dodson. “How did this investigative scheme get started? Who thought it was ever going to work?”

Dodson replied, “Sir, I can’t tell you where the original idea originated from.” Actually, Dodson could say it, but he’s smarter than to say he has evidence implicating Barack Obama and Eric Holder. “Everyone in my chain of command up to and including the former director was well briefed on the case, well versed on it and knew the strategy coming and going and they all thought it was a great idea,” he added.

“I always thought as soon as we got to the next level, somebodies going to shut it down. As soon as they hear about it, it’s going to get shut down. But that never happened, it kept getting more funding, more approval, more ‘atta-boys,’” Dodson said.

Dodson’s testimony on June 6, 2017, is definitive proof that the Obama administration knew exactly what he was doing and was indeed intentionally stirring up violence. With this information, Gowdy should pursue Barack Obama and Eric Holder and bring them up on charges. There is enough evidence out there to prove how corrupt the Obama administration was, it’s not like this was his only scandal either. Just look at our country now and how incredibly corrupt it has become. Obama promised change and he delivered on his promise. We can only hope that Gowdy continues to pursue this and Obama is in handcuffs.