[WATCH] London Man Accuses Another Man Of Islamphobia While Being Attacked By Muslim Terrorists

London was rocked by several attacks yesterday and some are being called what they are, TERROR ATTACKS,  while the Prime Minister is stating that not ALL of the multiple attacks are related to the original two (I call bs.) It started on London Bridge where a van mowed down numerous pedestrians and the made its way to an open street market where the assailants exited the van and began stabbing and slitting the throats of shoppers.

One victim was a 12-year old girl who witnesses say was stabbed numerous times in the chest and abdomen while they could only watch in terror. The suspects were identified as Muslim men and several got away at that point armed and on foot.

That is when the other attacks began happening. A pub was attacked and it was reported via many news outlets that the citizens had to throw chairs and bottles at the assailants because the police are unarmed in England and they were basically helpless. More concerning, however, is the mindset of many even during a Muslim terror attack where assailants were witnessed as having shouted ‘Allah.’

This cell phone video captured one such instance of the English equivalent of liberal ignorance as one man is heard shouting “F***ING MUSLIM C***S,” and another patron responds with, “Shut up mate. You fucking idiot. It’s not Muslims.”

Watch the insane reaction here:

The utter and blatant ignorance amazes me. Literally, in the midst of a terror attack perpetrated by Muslims a British liberal is STILL trying to defend Islam and all of the many violent actions that literally describe the ideology in one sentence. Isn’t it Muslims? Really? When was the last time a Christian terrorist plowed through people and gutted children and screamed that it was in the name of Jesus? OF COURSE, IT WAS MUSLIMS!!

Wake up and smell the jihad folks, because this is NOT contained to Britain or only Europe. They are already here in America as well. So while many may be screaming that the Brits asked for this by allowing them in and by allowing them to vote in Muslim authority figures….remember Dearborn, San Bernardino, NYC, Florida, Idaho, Texas…and all the many places they have committed terror attacks and judicial jihad here in America.

Pray for the world, because we are ALL under attack. The PEOPLE are victims even if some are ignorant victims.

H/T [ Milo ]