WATCH: Obama’s Antifa Terrorists Put Together ISIS-Like Propaganda Video Outlining How They’re Going To Kill Conservatives

An Arizona-based ANTIFA group going by the name “The Phoenix John Brown Gun Club” put together a cute little video showcasing how fierce they can be. They are sending conservatives a warning and it is quite the little display let me tell ya. The ANTIFA group claims to be fighting against white supremacy and evil capitalism.

In the video posted late last month of their “training day”, the group of disorganized slobs proves just how clueless they are when it comes to proper handling and firing techniques, it’s actually quite scary to see a group of people as irrational as they are utilizing weapons. ANTIFA needs to be labeled as a terrorist organization before more violence erupts.

According to TeaParty.Org:

If you are unfamiliar with the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club, you are not missing much. They are a group of liberals who all live in Arizona. When it was discovered that President Trump was going to be the lead for the Republican nomination, they suddenly realized that they loved their right to bear arms. Strange, eh?

It gets worse. They decided to hold “open carry protests” outside of a Trump Rally, some of them didn’t even have real guns! That factor just goes to show how serious they are about their rights — that is to say, not serious at all.

If they were actually worried about conservatives TAKING THEIR RIGHTS, they should probably show up with real weapons. Though, in reality, it wouldn’t matter much if they did have real guns. The featured clip shows that they can’t shoot a gun to save their lives.

They are all sitting about 25 feet from the targets (about as close as you can get) and firing. The best part is, they are missing virtually every shot. It almost looks like they were not even TRYING to shoot a target.

At one point, there are two targets with a giant board behind it. They somehow manage to miss the targets AND the board. The bullets scattered 10-to-15 feet BEHIND the board.

It is obvious what they are trying to do: Their goal seems to be to intimidate the conservative community. If they think that they scared us, they are going to be in for a big surprise should they ever try to stage an assault.

The insane thing about all of this is that they want to use this form of intimidation to ROB the PATRIOTS of this country of our FREE SPEECH. Ironically, the purpose of a well-armed militia is to defend our free speech. It would appear that they are too dense to understand that concept. They can try to overthrow the patriots here with fake guns. We PROMISE that it isn’t going to work out well for them.

By the looks of that video, we have nothing to worry about. If these folks have that much trouble hitting a still object under no pressure, how do they ever expect to take up arms against some real patriots? This just shows how desperate liberals are getting these days. For years, we have tried to reason with them but liberals are starting to press their luck. They are fixing for a rude awakening if they keep this up.

H/T TeaParty.Org