Women’s March Leader Gets Nasty Surprise After It’s Discovered Her Best Friend Tried To Blow Up Americans

Women’s March leader Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian terrorist convicted of killing two Israeli men in bombings in Jerusalem in 1970, has been deported to Jordan. In April of this year, Rasmea Odeh was forced to plead guilty to the charge that she concealed her murder conviction in Israel from U.S. Immigration authorities so she could gain American citizenship. Had U.S. Immigration authorities known of her murder conviction, she would have never been allowed to enter the United States. The Israeli justice system sentenced Rasmea Odeh to life in prison, however, she was released in 1979 as part of a prisoner swap deal Israel made with the Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Rasmea Odeh fled to the sanctuary city of Chicago but soon gained national attention for being a key leader and organizer with the Anti-Trump Women’s march in Washington D.C. While she was being deported from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, a large group of protestors showed up to show their sympathy for a terrorist who murdered innocent civilians. Her snowflake supporters could barely contain themselves, proclaiming, “We will liberate Palestine. We will liberate Palestine because of the Rasmea Odehs of the world.”

Speaking of her murder conviction in Israel, Rasmea Odeh claims that she was tortured into confessing to a crime she did not commit. Still, this does not negate the fact the she hid her criminal history from U.S. Immigration authorities, and it is no coincidence she fled to Chicago, a city where illegal criminal aliens are harbored and protected daily.

Rasmea Odeh’s legal troubles started back in 1994 when she applied for a U.S. Visa to go live with family in Michigan. At that time she did not reveal her criminal history, and again in 2014 when she applied for official United States citizenship, she did not reveal her criminal history. Eventually, she was convicted and the verdict was overturned, but she made a deal with the U.S. government to plead guilty about lying on her immigration paperwork rather than risk a jail sentence from a second trial.

Not surprisingly, liberal Lynn Pollack from Jewish Voice for Peace endorsed the terrorist Rasmea Odeh, stating, “Her grace and her resilience under this relentless, stupid, idiotic attack has been so inspiring.” Apparently someone forgot to tell Ms. Pollack that Ms. Odeh was convicted of killing her own people.

While living in Chicago, Rasmea Odeh served as the Associate Director for the Arab American Action Network which on paper claims to provide social services and educational opportunities to Arabs. For years under the Obama administration she was allowed to live in the United States, however, because of her recent activism and President Trump’s dedication to America, she has been deported to Jordan never to set foot on American soil again.

Rasmea Odeh also conspired with the America-hating Muslim Linda Sarsour, who was the lead organizer of the Women’s March and has recently been accused in several cases of financial misappropriation. The two America-haters associated themselves with a group who want to bring Sharia to America and have even called for anti-Islam activists to be harmed physically. As reported by Matt Palumbo from AllenB.West.com, “One need only go through her social media history to see that she supports Sharia Law, even calling for anti-Islam apologists Ayaan Hirsi and Brigette Ganriel to have their vaginas taken out (Ali was the victim of female genital mutilation as a child), and praising cop killers.” Now that the left is minus one less terrorist, Americans are that much safer.

The left’s fascination with appeasing Islamic terrorists is not surprising in that they will work with whomever they need to in order to instill their agenda in American society. Conversely, what the left claims to stand for is in direct opposition to Islam, especially when it comes to homosexuality and sex before marriage.

Somehow Rasmea Odeh thought she could escape the long arm of the law hiding in Chicago under the protection of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. She was wrong. She consistently and knowingly violated U.S. law and has now been deported because of it. Her actions in Israel and in the United States prove one thing, and that is a terrorist is always a terrorist, regardless of their methods or deception.

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